Porsche History and Future

Porsche History and Future

Welcome to our article about Porsche history and what the future holds for one of the worlds most prestigious brands.

Porsche History

Porsche is a German sports car manufacturer that was originally founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, but time hasn’t gotten the  better of this brand, who have remained relevant ever since. In May of 2006, the Luxury Institute of New York awarded Porsche first place as the most prestigious automobile brand.

Porsche History

Porsche Present

The firm is well recognized within the automobile industry. Furthermore, many car manufacturers have consulted with Porsche on design ideas and have teamed up through the years in order to utilize Porsche’s expertise.

Porsche has shown great versatility through the years and has managed changes with remarkable financial stability. Porsche predominantly build sports cars but they currently produce a range of vehicles including mid-size luxury SUVs.

Porsche’s main rival has traditionally been the Ferrari brand, but as time goes by more and more brands are considered as rivals. and one of Porsche’s closest collaborators has been the Volkswagen Company. Porsche has used many Volkswagen parts in their models.

Porsche Future

Unfortunately we can’t see into the future and give any guarantees! But if we learn from the past and if Porsche stay consistent. We believe their legacy of producing some of the best cars the world has ever seen will continue for many many years.

Again, looking into the future is impossible. However, we can show what Porsche have in store for the immediate future: The Mission E!

The Mission E will be fully electric. Rumour has it it will surpass the Tesla S in terms of performance. But will it surpass it in terms of style!?

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