Fiat’s History began when it was, founded in 1899, Fiat, an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, was formed by a group of investors. Led by Giovanni Agnelli, the group initially began in the area of passenger, industrial, and agricultural vehicles.

Fiat's History

Fiat’s History

Their first production was a truck in 1903. By 1908 they expanded outside of Italy and became the largest automotive company in Italy by 1910, which they retain to this day. By the early 1920s Fiat had a market share of 80% in Italy.

After the war Fiat turned their focus to research and innovation. They were the first manufacturer to incorporate heating and ventilation in mass production.

Fiat Today

Today’s Fiat has undergone many changes but is still unmistakably Italian. The new Bravo is agile, comfortable, and attractive. It offers the latest technology and represents the company’s embrace of the future. It will also be sporting the newly designed Fiat logo. The logo changed to reflect Fiat’s attitude on future challenges as well as its Italian heritage. While it will be debuting on the brand new Bravo, it will be eventually be on all future models.

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